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James River Writers seeks Nominations for 2013 Emyl Jenkins Award

The award recognizes a person or group that inspires readers and writers in central VA.

Richmond, VA, February 14, 2013—James River Writers (JRW), the largest literary arts organization in the State, honors the memory of Emyl Jenkins, who died in 2010, with an annual award to an organization or person who embodies James River Writers’ mission of building community by connecting and inspiring writers and readers in central Virginia.

“Emyl was an advocate for writers and their readers,” said Maya Smart, former board chair of JRW. “She had a knack for connecting people and organizations, and she shared her time and expertise with everyone she encountered.”

Virginia Pye, novelist and long-time JRW supporter, said, “She wanted us all to shine as she did: with success in publishing and happiness in our lives.”

Award Guidelines:

Who may be nominated: Any Virginia individual or organization that, in the same spirit as Emyl Jenkins, builds community by connecting and inspiring writers and readers in central Virginia.
Procedure: Entry must explain in no more than 500 words how the nominee makes Virginia a better place for writers. Entry must include contact information (e-mail and phone) for the nominator and two others who can further illuminate the nominee’s qualifications. Send nominations to info@jamesriverwriters.org or James River Writers, 320 Hull St., #136, Richmond, VA 23224. No entry fee. Deadline for entries is March 31, 2013. Members of the JRW board of directors and the JRW advisory board are not eligible.
Judging: A panel of judges, chosen from the JRW board of directors and membership to represent different levels of writing experience, will determine which nominee best matches Emyl Jenkins’ efforts to build community by connecting and inspiring writers and readers in central Virginia.
Announcement of winner: In addition to a gift reflecting Emyl Jenkins’ style, the winner will receive a free admission to JRW’s nationally-recognized annual writers’ conference. The winner and a guest will be invited to join JRW at its spring fundraiser on June 6, 2013, where the award will be presented.

Questions? Call (804) 433-3790 or e-mail info@jamesriverwriters.org

About James River Writers: James River Writers builds community by connecting and inspiring writers and readers in central Virginia. A nonprofit organization, JRW serves aspiring and professional writers and passionate readers in all genres through a variety of programs, services and events.

About 2012 Emyl Jenkins Award Winners: Poetry advocate Ed Lull and the Virginia Screenwriters’ Forum won the second annual Emyl Jenkins Award in 2012. A driving force in the state’s poetry world, Lull served four terms as president of the Poetry Society of Virginia, as well as six terms as the organization’s executive director. His involvement has been notable for outreach and inclusion of those with a passion for poetry. The Virginia Screenwriters’ Forum has a long history of helping those putting pen to paper in the state. For more than 20 years, VSF has sought to bring writers together to share their love and knowledge of screenwriting by offering support and constructive feedback to members’ scripts in progress. Beyond regular critique sessions, the VSF has sponsored periodic workshops and hosted speakers from the film industry.

Jean Anderson, Richmond liaison for National Novel Writing Month, and WriterHouse, a non-profit writers’ community in Charlottesville, won the first James River Writers Emyl Jenkins Award in 2011.

Rob Sterling


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