2018 Harry Jacobs Scholarship

Belem Medina

The Harry Jacobs Scholarship, jointly presented by the Advertising Club of Richmond and the Martin Agency, recognizes extraordinary creative talent and is awarded annually to an outstanding student at VCU’s Brandcenter. The scholarship aids that student’s development and supports the Brandcenter’s mission of excellence in advertising education.

Every year, students are given an assignment to complete for the scholarship. This year, the assignment was to choose an everyday product and find a way to make it extraordinary, compelling and desirable. In other words, to demonstrate a BIG IDEA based on audience and product insights.

Our scholarship recipient did exactly that. Her idea; enhancing existing products to increase accessibility for the visually impaired by utilizing responsive touch technology. Wow. This innovative and socially minded concept is visionary and embodies the very mission of the Harry Jacob’s Scholarship.

It is the Richmond Ad Club’s honor to congratulate the 2018 Harry Jacobs Scholarship winner, Belem Medina.

Scholarship Winners