The Club offers two scholarships to qualifying students, the Excellence in Creative Education Scholarship and the Barbara Fultz Women in Advertising Scholarship.

Barbara Fultz Women in Advertising Scholarship

The Barbara Fultz Women In Advertising Scholarship, founded in 2014, is jointly presented by Elevation and the Richmond Ad Club to honor the career and contributions of Barbara Fultz, longtime owner of Fultz + Associates and former Advertising Person Of The Year who was a pioneer for women in the Richmond advertising community. The $2,500 scholarship is awarded annually to one undergraduate woman who plans a career in advertising, either in creative, account management or production. The 2020 award will be presented at the Women in Advertising Panel Event in March and will also be honored during The Richmond Show.

The Barbara Fultz Women in Advertising Scholarship is open to women who have declared their major in the Virginia Commonwealth University Robertson School of Media and Culture Advertising Sequence (whether Strategic or Creative), will be a senior Fall semester 2020, and have a grade point average of at least 3.2.

Applications for fall semester 2020 will be accepted from January 1, 2019 – February 14, 2020.

Barbara Fultz - Application Form

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Excellence In Creative Education Scholarship

The Excellence In Creative Education Scholarship, presented by the Advertising Club of Richmond, recognizes extraordinary creative talent and is awarded annually to an outstanding student at VCU’s Brandcenter. The scholarship aids that student’s development and supports the Brandcenter’s mission of excellence in advertising education. Applications will be accepted from January 1, 2020 – February 14, 2020. 

Excellence In Creative Education - Application and Project

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Your Assignment

Choose an everyday product. Now use what you’ve learned at the Brandcenter to create a strategic campaign that makes your product TED Talk worthy.

Email your creative brief to Vera Magdeeva at no later than February 14th. 

What we’re looking for

 Show us that you can make a mundane product extraordinary, compelling and desirable. We want to see your strategic and creative skills working together to tell a story that will solidify a connection between your product and your audience. Inform the uninformed. Convert the skeptical. Do whatever you think it takes to break through and sell it. 


Develop a creative brief. The emphasis is on BRIEF. It could be a single page or just some drawings – just as long as it is not a PowerPoint and you identify:

  1. Consumer behavior toward and/or current beliefs about your product
  2. How you plan to change these beliefs and/or behaviors
  3. Channels for communicating your message
  4. Potential obstacles to your message reaching its audience
  5. A key insight, a Big Idea, about  your product that will make it relevant and desirable

Email your creative brief to Vera Magdeeva at no later than February 14th. 


Demonstrate how your Big Idea could be brought to life as consumer campaign. Give us one example of how you best envision the campaign, whether it’s a print ad mockup, a TV storyboard, a video, a packaging concept or just a stick figure drawing—you decide what it will take to show that your Big Idea will do the best job of selling your product.


You are being evaluated primarily on your ability to uncover an insight about an audience and product (a Big Idea) and show how you would translate that insight into consumer communications. The endpoint here is a “concept” for a campaign. We do not expect to see a complete campaign or even polished executions. A successful entry should be heavier on thinking than doing.


Submit your applications no later than February 14th. We’ll review applications and select three finalists. Finalists will be chosen to make a their pitch to the Selection Panel on February 20th. There will be a 3-day period between when the finalists are notified and the pitch presentations during which time they can add to and expand on their original pitch materials.



Previous Scholarship Recipients