Mike Hughes Ad Person of the Year 2017 Scott Sherman

Photo courtesy of Richmond BizSense

We’d like to congratulate our friend and Ad Club Board Alumni Scott Sherman on being awarded the 2017 Mike Hughes Ad Person of the Year Award. Scott was interviewed in Richmond BizSense and talked about his career and what this award means to him:

Excerpt from Richmond BizSense interview by Jonathan Spiers:
When Scott Sherman learned that the Advertising Club of Richmond had named him this year’s Ad Person of the Year, the associate professor and coordinator of VCU’s undergraduate advertising program reacted to the news – he admits it – with tears.

I cried. It was really cool. It was neat that a lot of students or alumni had things to do with it.

A former VCU student himself, Sherman has been teaching in the university’s Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture since 2004, after 20 years in the ad business that included stints in the creative departments of local agencies RightMinds and Landmark Advertising, the in-house advertising arm of Markel Corp.

In his role at VCU, which has evolved over the years from an adjunct professor to his current tenured post, Sherman has taught countless students who have gone on to careers in advertising, providing them with a starting point while sharing the basics of the business.

BizSense sat down with this year’s Ad Person of the Year to discuss the recognition, what he teaches his students about the creative process, and his perspective of the industry from his spot at the front of the class. The following is an edited transcript:

Richmond BizSense: How did you get into advertising? What brought you to VCU?

Scott Sherman: I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I graduated high school, just went business in college. My sister said, “You should think about advertising.” I didn’t even know it was an industry, growing up on military bases.

I came down here and took some undergrad advertising classes and got an internship at Carlton Communications, a small little shop here in town, and I really loved it. I found that it was a good place for me. I kind of “got it” – it was one of those subjects that wasn’t like physics, which I didn’t get it. And I liked Richmond. It has a vibrant ad community.

RBS: What was your reaction when you learned you were getting the Mike Hughes Ad Person of the Year award at this year’s Richmond Show?

SS: I cried. It was really cool. It was neat that a lot of students or alumni had things to do with it. It was overwhelming, because I certainly haven’t done anything remarkable like many of the people who are on the list. But I think it kind of gave a nod to VCU’s role in the ad community in Richmond, and it gave a nod to the success of our students and alumni and the neat things that they are all doing.

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